Faculty of Dentistry

Postgraduate  Studies

Postgraduate programs

The postgraduate programs of the Faculty of Dentistry aim to achieve the following:

  1. Support graduate studies and expanding their research and dissemination.
  2. Contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge in all its branches through specialized studies and rigorous research to reach scientific and practical applications and innovation
  3. Enable outstanding students with university degrees to continue their higher studies locally
  4. Prepare the qualified professionals scientifically and clinically in the field of dentistry
  5. Encourage scientific competencies to keep pace with the rapid progress in science and technology and foster creativity and innovation and develop scientific research and guide it to address the issues of Saudi society
  6. Allow undergraduate programs to interact with graduate programs

Postgraduate programs in KAUFD:

  1. Master of Pediatric Dentistry (thesis)
  2. Master of Pediatric Dentistry (research project)
  3. Master of Orthodontics (thesis)
  4. Master of Endodontics (thesis)
  5. PhD in Pediatric Dentistry (thesis)

Links to programs:

Master's Degree Program in Pedodontics

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