Faculty of Dentistry

Vice Deanship of Female Section

Vice Dean's Note

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our prophet. I was honored to participate in the leadership of the procession of the Faculty of Dentistry. This procession, which guided me since I was a student until I joined it as faculty, is full of elite faculty members. Thus, I considered it an obligation to develop the Faculty and help in achieving its goals and aspirations. The successive achievements attained by the Faculty, despite its relative novelty, clearly demonstrate the good planning and the distinguished administrative and academic staff who demonstrated perseverance and sincerity in the application of the following Quran verse:" Lo! As for those who believe and do good works.” I ask Allah Almighty to support us in our efforts to advance and upgrade the Faculty of Dentistry to the ranks of international colleges.

Vice Dean Female Section
Dr. Amal Mohammed Sindi

About Vice Deanship

It is one of the important pillars on which the Faculty of Dentistry is based. It is composed, in accordance with the current administrative organization, of an integrated system in the office of the Vice Deanship for female students and its administration. They are integrated and complement each other to provide all the support services to the female staff and students, by providing an appropriate working environment to get the best job done.


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