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All praises be to Allah and blessings and peace of Allah be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions…. "Act! Allah will behold your actions, and (so will) His messenger and the believers.” The mission of the Faculty of Dentistry since its establishment has been to provide the highest level of educational and therapeutic services. The Faculty continued to develop its services to its students and patients and continued self-evaluation to upgrade its services to the highest global standards. It has developed an ambitious plan to implement its strategic objectives and achieve its vision to produce generations of internationally qualified dentists who are able to compete globally in all fields of dentistry. One of the most important objectives was to offer and develop the curriculum, in addition to setting global quality standards for the curriculum outcomes in terms of objectives, teaching methods, assessment methods and performance indicators. In order to achieve this objective specifically, the Faculty utilized its facilities and capabilities to provide the students with all the means to learn and study through providing the most recent international scientific books and journals and modern electronic services and to provide continuous supervision from all faculty members whom are recognized for their competence and experience. One of the most important fruits of this effort and the relentless work and dedication in implementing its overall objectives to achieve its vision, is achieving academic accreditation from the Association for Dental Education in Europe (DentEd), which is the first step in reaching global recognition. The accreditation was obtained only by the combined efforts of all faculty members and with the generous support of our university administrators, in particular the Rector of the University, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Youbi and the distinguished university officials. Finally, I would like to thank the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Abdulghani Ibrahem Mira, who dedicated his efforts, time and expertise to serve this Faculty and led it to global recognition. I ask God to help us all to serve this great institution. Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Abdulelah M. BinMahfooz

Vice Dean for Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Dr. Abdulelah M. BinMahfooz

About Vice Deanship

The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs seeks to provide a service that contributes to the development of the skills and professional and ethical training of the students of the Faculty of Dentistry. This can be achieved by providing the highest educational and academic standards and providing educational opportunities for the members of the community from different governorates. Moreover, investing all resources available to reach a scientific leadership role that will help develop society and realize our wise leadership developmental aspirations.


In addition to the academic study, the College aims to invest the student's free time in the practice of extracurricular activities through the targeted programs that help to develop the concept of participation and cooperation among the students and between the students and the faculty members the college the following committees:

  • The religious awareness committee
  • This committee educates students about religious issues and urges them to cooperate on righteousness and piety. It also organizes trips to perform Umrah and offer guidance to follow Islamic behavior and good example.

  • The Social Committee
  • In addition to the field visits by the students of the college to promote health awareness in the field of dentistry, the committee organizes courses to train students on the use of modern programs in the field and organize educational and recreational trips inside and outside Jeddah. It also contributes to the activities of the university and, the college as organizing the annual closing ceremony of activities Student activities.

  • Cultural Committee
  • Students interested in public culture participate in literary and cultural competitions organized by the University and the college .

  • The sports committee
  • The committee seeks to participate in most of the sports activities of the university and the organizing of sport matches between different faculties as well as encourage students to practice sports and improve their physical fitness because the proper mind is in healthy body .


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