Faculty of Dentistry

Specialized and Consultative Clinics

The specialized and consultative clinics are equipped with the latest dental technologies which require well-trained cadres to operate.

 One of the hi-tech devices used is the R.V.G digital radiology system. The device is equipped with a sensor attached to a computer and allows practitioners to follow the treatment steps of the jawbones, the teeth or the root canals.
The clinics also use the Cerec filling system. Cerec is a unique porcelain filling device that is used to mill perfectly fitting ceramic restorations in surgery only after conducting accurate analysis of the dental surface and cavity. 

A highly efficient thermal filling device is also used to fill root canals, in addition to a revolutionary laser technique used for dental filling, gums treatment and faciomaxillary surgeries.

The Department of Oral Radiology also uses a range of devices, including the Panorama and the Cephalometric techniques in the fields of orthodontics and faciomaxillary surgeries. These systems can display the cranial bones, jawbones and the soft tissues all at once. Some of these devices are used to measure the lengths and angles of the faciomaxillary bones before conducting any orthodontic treatment.

 The availability of such highly expensive devices in the Faculty of Dentistry reflects how costly it is to qualify and graduate well-trained dentists with the aim of contributing positively to their community.

A dental implantology unit has also been introduced in the Faculty of Dentistry.  

In addition to their academic duties, teaching members of staff also provide medical and consultative services to citizens and expatriates in the various specialties of dentistry, including orthodontics, faciomaxillary and oral surgery, diagnostic oral radiology, removable and fixed prothodentics, gingival treatment, dental fillings, endodontics and pedodontics.

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Last Update 6/12/2010 11:25:50 AM